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What is The Most Cost Effective Type of Asphalt?

Summer, the time for cold beverages and… asphalt.

As the temperatures rise during the summer, BBQ grills and coolers of frosty beverages emerge. People look to make their lawns the best looking on the block. Along with the new flower beds, It’s time to make that driveway look as shiny as a new penny and what better way than with new asphalt.

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Why Summer, you ask? The most popular and cost effective type of asphalt is ‘hot-mix’ asphalt. As its name infers, hot mix asphalt is manufactured at 270°F and 325°F. With the need for higher temperatures, a professional team will have more time to work with the asphalt to remove imperfections and perfect your driveway. Colder temperatures provide less time to work with the asphalt.


We at U.S. Outworkers, of course, can work at any temperature. In fact, leave the asphalt to us and you enjoy the cold beverage.

Have a happy summer from your friends at U.S. Outworkers.

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