Asphalt Paving Systems: The Steps in Paving Asphalt

Asphalt Paving Systems

Paving asphalt, whether it is for a driveway, parking lot, or other area, generally operates on the same basics steps and procedures. These asphalt paving systems provide contractors with a basic guideline of steps to follow in order to ensure that the finished product will be as effective as possible. If you are about to hire an asphalt paving contractor, be sure to ask about their asphalt paving system and make sure that it includes these three main steps.

  1. Excavation

The first step in all asphalt paving systems is the excavation of whatever is currently in the place that will be paved or re-paved. This is important because all asphalt structures need a solid foundation. Simply re-paving on top of old asphalt will certainly cause the new asphalt to weaken and wear out much quicker than usual.

  1. Preparing the Base

Once the ground is dug up and there is a level base for the new layer of asphalt, it is then time to properly prepare and grade the area. This involves ensuring that water has a way to drain off of the surface to avoid water induced cracks in the future. Once this is completed, a layer of crushed concrete, gravel, or some other type of material is placed to ensure that the new asphalt will have a solid base to build upon

  1. Laying/Compacting

The final step in most asphalt paving systems is the laying and compacting of new asphalt. Once the base is graded and thoroughly stable, a new mixture of asphalt is poured and then compacted using a heavy roller. This provides a smooth and sturdy finish.

Not all asphalt paving systems are exactly the same, but they do all contain these three steps in some form or another. Before you begin any asphalt paving project, it is usually a good idea ask your contractor about their process. This can help you understand the steps involved in your specific project.

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