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How to Choose a Commercial Asphalt Contractor


With All the many large financial obstacles in designing and building a commercial space, one obstacle that is extremely important but many times over looked is designing and laying the asphalt for the parking lot.  Most tenants that come to your commercial building to do business probably won’t think twice about parking. Instead they will pay attention to the actual building and what the space offers them professionally. It’s not because parking isn’t important, it is because tenants already expect for it to be there, and to be in good shape. If this expectation is not met, you can guarantee your lease capacity will never be met, and for those that have signed, they will probably find another commercial building to pay rent too.

Here’s a quick guide to finding a reliable and knowledgeable commercial asphalt contractor.  By doing so, you will make sure you get the quality parking space your tenants expect, as well as asphalt that will last for years.

An Asphalt Structure Is Only As Good As What Is Underneath It

Just like the construction of your commercial building, it must be done correctly the first time.  An Asphalt parking lot or any similar structure is only as strong and effective as what is below it.  Depending on what part of the country you live in, and what the geography offers, you will have to work with it and not around it.

Make Sure Your Contractor Takes Excavation Seriously

Excavation of the site is extremely important, and for this reason you should never receive a quote over the phone. To do it correctly, you will need to make sure the contractor will come out to the site and survey the area. This will allow him to give you a precise bid and timeline of the project whole also clearing up any uncertainty in the project. This will also allow the contractor to get clearance from the local municipality so that your project does not destroy any underground utilities lines if you have to remove or dig into the ground. With a solid base structure, the parking lot can and should hold up for many years.

Key Questions To Ask Your Contractor

Once the ground has been surveyed, the materials, labor, and equipment will be the next part of the bid.  As stated earlier, a parking structure is only as strong as what is beneath it.  It is important to spend time understanding what kind of compacting materials your contractor will be using.  Some questions to ask your commercial asphalt contractor include:

  • how sufficient is water drainage?
  • How well does it compact?
  • How much weight can it withstand?

Another important thing to consider when shopping for a commercial asphalt contractor is what method they use to determine the pitch of the asphalt for drainage.  By having a sufficient pitch, you will minimize if not eliminate puddles from the parking lot when it rains. Your tenants will surely appreciate that on a rainy day.  Once a base is agreed upon, the final part of the bid will be the laying of hot mix asphalt and the final compacting of the asphalt structure.  Like most construction bids, it is recommended to receive at least three.  Pay attention to details when speaking with various contractors, and don’t be afraid to bring up your concerns.  Generally the best contractor will be the one that works with you, and not against you.

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Asphalt Sealing | 3 Benefits

Asphalt Sealing

Have you ever driven down a road, or through a parking lot, and thought to yourself, “This asphalt does not look right”? Unfortunately, poor quality asphalt roads, lots, and driveways are not too uncommon. Oftentimes, people do not take proper care of their asphalt and in result many different factors harm it. One of the best ways to maintain the quality of your asphalt is through sealing it. Here are three benefits of asphalt sealing and how it can help you!

Asphalt Sealing Weather Protection

One of the biggest benefits of asphalt sealing is the protection from the many different weather factors. For example, asphalt is constantly being exposed to the sun. By sealing it, you can minimize the affect that the sun’s UV rays have on the asphalt. A couple of other types of weathering that a seal coat can help to protect against are water from rain or snow, and freezing temperatures. Through sealing the asphalt, you can protect against the cracks and holes that are formed when exposed to excess amounts of water and cold temperatures.

Protection From Chemicals

Another big reason why Sealing asphalt is helpful is that it helps to eliminate the damage that is done through the contact that is made with chemicals. Because of the constant vehicular traffic, asphalt is repeatedly exposed to oil and gas. This can be very harmful because oil and gas are both made from petroleum, as is asphalt. Since these chemicals are made of the same thing as asphalt, they can more easily dissolve the asphalt and create structural problems such as the development of cracks or potholes. A seal coat will protect from oil, gas, and any other chemicals that are frequently split onto asphalt.

Sealing Asphalt is a Long-Term Money Saver

Everybody loves to save some money. Asphalt sealing can help you to do just that. As we have mentioned above, there are various types of protection that sealing your asphalt can provide. This protection will help to improve the overall quality of the asphalt, both in the short term and in the long term. Applying a seal coat will help you to avoid having to redo sections of asphalt on a regular basis. Minimizing this constant repair will save you the unnecessary costs that are associated with a full overhaul of sections of the asphalt.

Asphalt sealing is one of the most effective ways of maintaining quality and reliable asphalt roads, driveways, and parking lots. These are just a few of the several different benefits that come from simply protecting your asphalt with a seal coat.

If you have any section of asphalt that needs sealing, we can help you out! Let us know!

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