Two Common Hiccups Paving Companies Face

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Regardless of the field that you work in, there are always potential challenges on the horizon that could pop up during any project. Fortunately, if you have experience in the field and an understanding of what needs to be done to fix or avoid these challenges, then your project should go smoothly. Paving companies are no different. Depending on the specific job, issues can arise that need to be taken care of. Here is a look at two of the most common challenges that paving contractors face.

Weather Conditions:

The ideal temperature when working with asphalt is around 75 degrees. However, temperature is not always the biggest weather related concern. Most paving companies keep an eye on the weather and can plan ahead prior to the job. However, rain, snow, hail, or other inclement weather can spring up on the radar at the last minute. While paving companies can generally continue an asphalt project during light rain storms, any more than that will likely cause a delay in the project. Why is rain so detrimental to asphalt? Steady rain can cool hot asphalt, which in turn affects the asphalts compaction. Random and harsh weather conditions are unfortunate, but it is better to wait it out than to risk the chance of a less than perfect project.

Drainage Issues:

A common issue among many asphalt jobs is drainage issues. When it comes to asphalt it is imperative that the surface has efficient drainage capabilities. Without a proper drainage system, cracks and holes are much more likely to form at a quicker rate. Fixing drainage issues is something that paving contractors do on a daily basis so the project set back is minor. Properly grading the surface and finding the right balance to allow water to flow off the asphalt correctly will quickly diminish any drainage issues and sufficiently extend the life of the asphalt. Paving companies face different circumstances every day and on every project. Occasionally issues will come up that can’t be immediately taken care of, while at other times the problem can be addressed on the spot.

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