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Commercial Asphalt Services for Maximum Results

U.S. Outworkers works diligently to provide our customers with exceptional quality and customer service. To provide services that meet and exceed expectations we suggest that our customers follow a system that includes what we refer to as the “maintenance trifecta” for parking lot maintenance. This includes Parking Lot Cleaning (Sweeping), Crack Sealing, and applying two coats of properly formulated sealer whenever your parking lot is in need of Seal Coating.

commercial asphalt services

Cleaning or (Sweeping)

It’s critical that a parking lot’s surface is as clean as possible prior to seal coat maintenance and application. The cleaner the pavement surface, the more efficiently the material will adhere to the surface of your parking lot. U.S. Outworkers has developed a routine based system to thoroughly remove foreign debris and embedded dirt through the use of steel brooms, high powered blowers and power brooms.

Asphalt Crack Sealing

In order to produce maximum results for your parking lot or driveway, crack sealing is essential during scheduled maintenance. Crack Sealing helps avoid asphalt structural issues. Sealing cracks can greatly increase the life expectancy of an asphalt surface. Asphalt cracks are inevitable and if left untreated, they can cause potholes and other major structural damage. Click here to learn more about our crack sealing services.

Seal Coating: Applying Two-Coats

Applying two coats will provide commercial parking lots with maximum results. For today’s traffic patterns, and environmental stressors like weather and oxidation; two coats will allow the sealer to penetrate the pavement material and create a tight bond. Our manufacturers suggest two coats of material to obtain maximum results. U.S. Outworkers is dedicated to using the best materials offered in our industry. We form tight relationships with our vendors and follow their suggestions as experts in our field. Click here to learn more about our seal coating services.

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