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Sports Courts

While these are some of the most common sports courts that we service, U.S. Outworkers can support any sports court related project and tailor this service right down to our customer’s specifications.

Sport Court Color Coating

We are an experienced Sports Court coating contractor and have constructed and maintained many outdoor and indoor sports courts in the Northern New Jersey area. From start to finish, we work alongside our customers to ensure their satisfaction with the project. Our sports court contract services include:

  • Sport Court Coloring and Surfacing
  • Extensive crack repair
  • Sport Court Line Striping

Tennis Court Resurfacing

With proper maintenance and care, the average lifespan of a tennis court is 25 years. Aside from the typical monthly maintenance, your tennis court should be scheduled for resurfacing every five years. Resurfacing your tennis court not only improves appearance by minimizing visible damage, but it can help slow the process of deterioration because resurfacing is preventative.

Basketball Court Resurfacing

U.S. Outworkers also provides resurfacing services for basketball courts in need of a repair. In order for basketball courts to provide athletes and recreational players a safe even playing surface, resurfacing is essential. Basketball resurfacing helps remove many damaged areas without the cost of installing a brand new court.

Outdoor Running Tracks

U.S Outworkers is well known for their expertise in paving high quality running tracks of all shapes and sizes. From your standard running track to long distance running trails, we install and pave running tracks of different lengths, widths, and designs.

Our Running Track Paving Services Include:

  • Running Track Excavation
  • Outdoor Running Track/Path Paving
  • Running Track Seal Coating
  • Outdoor Running Track Design and Planning
  • Running Track Asphalt Installation, Paving and Asphalt Resurfacing
  • Track Lane Striping and Marking
  • Standard and Custom Widths Lengths, Lanes, Designs
  • Asphalt Track Repair and Patching

For more information about our services, please contact us by phone at (973) 362-1458 or by email.